Haripur is rich of stars and personalities, Haripur is full of saints and spiritual personalities since it came into being. It is still full of talented sons . The people of Haripur always remained dominent in all the fields of life. Wheather it is politics, field of games, religion or any other field. Still the Haripurians are playing great role in the Civil and Military Bureaucracy,

  Khwaja Abdur-Rehman Chorwi (RA) Syed Aman Ali Shah (RA) Syed Abad Sharif  
  Syed Muhammad Shah Sahib (Syed Abad Sharif) Syed Riaz Hussain Shah Sahib (Kutnalian Sharif, Haripur)  
  Poets & Writers:    
  Abu Bakkar Siddique  
Field Marshal Ayub Khan

Raja Sikandar Zaman Khan (late)

Gohar Ayub Khan