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Raja Sikandar Zaman Khan Gakkhar

Early History

The Gakhars (also Gakkhar or Ghakhar or Ghakkar) (Urdu: گاکھر) were a fiercely independent and warlike clan now located in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Jhelum, Kashmir, Gilgit, Baltistan, Chitral, Khanpur (NWFP) and Mirpur regions in modern day Pakistan. They formed a feudal aristocracy over the territories they controlled. A similar clan was recently portrayed in Asif Kapadia's critically acclaimed and BAFTA award winning 2001 film "The Warrior".

About Raja Sikandar Zaman
Some people are born to create history among them was Raja Sikandar Zaman Khan (late) was grandson of a prominent Gakhars Chief Khan Bahadur Raja Jahandad Khan and uncle of present Gakhars Chief Sultan Raja Erij Zaman Khan. He was born in Khanpur (NWFP). He received his early education from Burnhall School in Abbottabad and Aligarh.He was a veteran politician and started his political career as Member of the Abbottabad District Council in the 1950s, while his brother Raja Rukan Zaman (late) was Member Legislative Assembly, West Pakistan. He remained Chief Minister, NWFP, Minister for WAPDA, Education and Revenue respectively. He was also the opposition leader NWFP Assembly and a Senior Minister in the Provincial Cabinet.He has 3 sons and a daughter (married to Pir of Mohra Sharif)
>>Raja Shahdab Sikandar - Ex Senior Executive Pakistan State Oil
>>Raja Aamir Zaman - Ex District Nazim Haripur
>>Raja Faisal Zaman - Current MPA and Ex Minister


Way of living
Raja Sikandar Zaman lived in Saddar place known as (Khanpur House).His political farm house is near khanpur place called (Marchabad).He lived a simple life.He was person down to earth,he never felt proud of him self.Now after Raja Sikandar Zaman the political farm house belongs to his eldest son Raja Shadab Sikandar.