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Khwaja Abdur Rehman Chorvi RA

Chohr Sharif Darbar.
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Khwaja Abdur Rehman Chorvi RA is a great religious scholar and saint from Haripur. The greatest achievement of his RA life is "Majmua-E-Salawat-Ur-Rasool". Which is a book, consist of thirty (30) editions(paras) which is in arabic and is written in the praise of Prophet (SAW).
Allah gifted him RA, the inbuilt knowledge (ilm-e-laduni).
His Khalifa's include:
Syed Ahmed Shah Sahib (Sirikot), Syed Aman Ali Shah Sahib (Syed Abad Sharif, Kot Najeebullah), Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman (Bhera Panrian), Maulana Manzoor Hussain Maki Madni, Maulana Fazal-e-Ahemed (Pind Rajwal, distt. Jehlum)
He (RA) founded madrisah (religious school) named Jamiah Islamia Rehmania in 1902. Millions of students completed their studies in Islamia Rehmania