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Ali Khan

is one of the 44 union councils of Haripur District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It is located east of the district capital, Haripur, at 33°59'22N 72°58'7E.
Ali Khan is a prominent area of Haripur District, it became a Union Council by adding some of the small villages which are quite near from the city. It is famous because of variety of its plants. There are many plants nurseries in the union councils and of the people are in this bussiness.

Mosque in village Ali Khan

Due to enimity, two families of Ali Khan have been ruined. Many persons from both sides have been murdered. It is on the road and near to Haripur, despite of this they are indulge in non-civilized actions like revenge. Nobody is ready to compromise. However, the current generation is qualified and it is expected that such matters will be settled soon.
Hassan Fiaz is a prominent rascal from this village and many sotries are famous about his bravery and Jawan mardi

Shah Muhammad

Shah Muhammad is situated on th G.T road (Silk Way Trade Route), about 2.5 Km away from Haripur City. 90% of the population in this village is Dilazak (Pathan). They feel proud of it. They mostly earn from agriculture, orchards, and some are Government servants and some are in foreign.
The most prominent personality was Noor Ahmed Sultan Khan(late). Currently, Khurshid Khan is the main landlord in the village. And last time he was the Nazim of the Union council. Current Nazim is Haji Abdus Salam.
Ata-Ur-Rehman Khan is a known social worker.

Lehnda Mohrra
It is situated on the G.T. road, on the opposite side of Ali khan. It is considered as the part of Ali Khan. It is also a newly settled population like Naee Basti.