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Ali Khan
is one of the 44 union councils of Haripur District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It is located east of the district capital, Haripur, at 33°59'22N 72°58'7E.
Ali Khan is a prominent area of Haripur District, it became a Union Council by adding some of the small villages which are quite near from the city. It is famous because of variety of its plants. There are many plants nurseries in the union councils and of the people are in this bussiness.

A Nursery on G.T Road Ali Khan

Mosque in AliKhan

Alikhan is village located on th G.T road (Silk Way Trade Route), about 3.5 Km away from Haripur City. Next to G.T road is residential part of the village and next to this are fields and River Dor. Like other union councils, people of Ali Khan also do agriculture. Some are Government servents in Haripur and few are outside city.
Sadaat family is the main landlord of this village. Seyed Masroor Haider Shah was the prominent figure of this village. Other prominent families are Mughal and Awan.

Ali Khan
Chak Shah Muhammad
Chak Talokar
Kaal (Kalaan)
Shah Muhammad

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