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, or Bir,
is one of the 44 union councils, administrative subdivions, of Haripur District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Beer is located at 34°10'0N 72°58'0E at an altitude of 811m (2664ft) and lies in the corner of Tarbella Lake and north of the district capital Haripur where it borders Mansehra District. Beer village is a local business hub for surrounding villages. It is about 20kmfrom Haripur City.It is also connected to Mansehra. Mean of transport is road only and most people travel on local buses and vans.The Union Council of Beer consists of villages including Gorakki, Daigra,Soha, Telhala, Chatti, Dheri, tahli and Kacchi. Gorakki village is one of the bigest villages of the Union Council. Gorakki is situated at the top of Danna Hills. Nearby villages are Bhat, Banda, Behaki, Karam, Kutli and Kakotri. The main source of income for most of the residents is agriculture but due to lack of water resources it has made people to look for alternate source of income. In recent years large number of people have moved to larger cities to work their. Many people do jobs abroad. SOHA is Center of Union Council Beer. As Chappar road is passing from Soha, the only access to Telhala, Chatti, Dheri Gorakki and other small villages is from Soha. Beer was a business place up to 1975 when there was not enough road communication.
There are many marble factories in the area.
Famous casts from the area are Tanoli and Awan. Mr.Asif Khan Soha is Nazim from the area. Councilers from Beer are Mr.Malik Liaqat, Mr.Raaj Muhammad, Mrs.Raseeda BiBi, Mr.Muhammad Hanif.


Khan Abdur Rahim Khan (Late) Cheif of Pakhral Nation
Naeem Khan (Head of Revenue Deparmtent in  Haripur and Son of Khan Abdur Rahim Khan)
Anwar Khan (Ex-SHO of Haripur Police)
On duty Army General Belong to Soha Beer Mr. Khalid Khan
M. Sagheer Tanoli, Soha Village (Director Flight Operations PA, Pakistan Internaitonal Airlines, PIAC , Karachi)
Mr.Anwar Saeed is a famous person from the area. He is director of Women Model College and Al-Hira Hospital.
Mr.Muhammad Rafiq Hazarvi is a famous educationist from Beer. He is Principal of Al-Qayyum Model School.


Banda Bakhtawar
Banda Mughlan
Banda Nayan
Kangar Amgah

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