Kholian Bala


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Kholian Bala
is a village and union council of Haripur District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It is part of the PF-49 (Haripur-I) constituency of the provincial assembly of the North-West Frontier Province.

The tribes of the area include the Jadoons. Within the Jadoons some famous sub-tribes are Pannu Khails, Muqrbi, Guram Zai's ' Run Bazi's etc.Muqarbi is the first tribe who established , Muqarb Khan was the first personality who settle down in the village and other tribes later on came to settle down long long ago. In other tribes there are Syeds, Alvi's & Qutab Shahi (Awan), etc. The Jadoon are the dominant tribe in Kholian Bala village.

Cricket is a popular game in UC Kholian Bala. There are many cricket teams in the village, such as Rising Stars Cricket Club and Diwana Cricket Club.


Ex-Nazim: Haji Zaid Akhtar Khan
Ex-Naib Nazim: Muhamd Perwaiz

Chitti Dhaki
Dhok Toro
Qazi Mera