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This Union Council is one of the ancient civilizations, especially the Manikrai village. It was present before Christ. In the east of the Maikrai there is a chain of Himalaya Mountain Ranges and there are also old old ruins. In the west, there is a beautiful River Dor. This union council is nearly 2Km away from Haripur City. And Tarbela Lake can be viewed from this union council..

Agricultural Land In Mankarai.

The villagers enjoy almost all the facilities like electricity, telephone, road, fresh water, caple. The only facility not available is gas. So, wood is used as fuel.

Mohrra Mamdooh

Mohra mamdooh is a small village attatched to Mankarai Village on one side and having village Phurhala on its other side. Like Mankarai, people of Mohra Mamdooh are also civilized and educated. Turk is the prominent cast in the village. Haji Muzaffar Khan(late), Raja Muhammad Aslam Khan(Late) , Raja Nisar Khan(late) and Raja Zubair Khan ex-naib nazim are the prominent among the Turks. Turks became popular in the District because they remained dominant in the events, like Naiza Bazi, Horse riding and race, which took place in the district. Their mare(female horse) called "Samandi" won many titles in different competitions and still has a record in long-jump. Raja Abdur Rehman Khan Turk (late) was the best rider.
Qazi Abdur Rehman, Abdul Haq Sahib and Master Munawar Din Khan Gakkhar are the prominent educationists from the village.
This village has the honour that the developer of the First Website about Haripur (, Muhammad Jan Sher Khan belongs to it.
The people of the village earn their living through agriculture and business. A few are Government servants or in foreign countries.
Village is divided into three Mohallas(sectors) called the Utly Pandi(upper part), Lehndy Pandi(lower part) and Dairyan Aalay(Farms, a little far from the village).

Eid-Gah of Mohra Mamdooh

The Mohra village decorated on the holy occasion of Eid-ul-Milad-un-Nabi and boys dressed to participate.

Phurhala is a small village next to Mohra Mamdooh.
The prominent cast here is Awan. Prof Nazar Din, retired principal of Degree colleges of Haripur Abbottabad and Manshera, is a reknowned educationist. Malik Jahandad Awan (late), Hakim Moli Baba (late), Faqeeer Baba(late),Prof. Riaz (late) , Muhammad Yousaf Chairman, Safdar and Dr. Asif are the famous persons of this village. Babu Shaukat from this village is known person, belongs to media. The land of this village is fertile and the maximum people are good cultivators.

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