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is one of the 44 union councils, administrative subdivions, of Haripur District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Largest village in the union council is Rehana itself, which is renowned for being the birth and resting place of Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan. Currently, it is hometown to the his family to which political heavy weights like Gohar Ayub Khan, Yousuf Ayub Khan and Omar Ayub Khan belong.

The big and largest village of uc Rehana is Noordee, second chajeain and village Rehana is a small village of UC Rehana,other villages are Ding, Koka, chattary, Kamelpur, Pindjamal Khan, Chapparra ( the main business of village is agriculture) Peer Kot and Kotha dollni . Villages Jamah, Durruniyan and all kind of Darris are mullahjat of village Noordi.the whole uc is fill of great landscapes, very beautiful and a unique view of nature espacially chajeain is very beautiful village, water fall at chajean is worth seeing. Village chajean based on 25 sectors (Mohallas). The Famous Personalities of u/c Rehana are President Ayub Khan,Ghour Ayub Khan,Umer Ayub khan.Yousaf Ayub Khan and Arshid Ayub Khan.The local political figures of u/c Rehana are Riaz Khan Nazim, Masood Khan, Manzoor Hussain Shah, Haji Riaz( ex Naib Nazim) ,Hasrat Nawaz Naib Nazim, Syed ijaz hussain Shah Advocate, and Naeem khan Advocate (who contested the local bodies Election for the seat of Nazim/Naib Nazim )

Kamal Pur
Kotha Pir Kot
Pind Jamal Khan
Siri Bang

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