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Sarai Niamat Khan

(also known as Sarai Naimat Khan)
is one of the 44 union councils, administrative subdivions, of Haripur District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Serai Niamat Khan is located at 34°4'60N 73°1'60E and lies to the east of the district capital Haripur where it borders Abbottabad District.

The Sarai Naimat Khan town is a local business hub for surrounding villages. It is about 15 km from the Haripur District. Serai Niamat Khan is also connected to Havelian which about 27 km away. Means of transpost is road only and most people travel on local buses, pickups and vans.The main source of income for most of the residents is agriculture but due to lack of water resources it has made people to look for alternate sources of income. In recent years a large number of people have moved to larger cities to work there.Sarai Naimat Khan village is divided into small areas e.g. Mohallah Khu, Jora Pind, Nearia Abad, Moriyan, Najeeb Abad, Mohalla Ziarat and a few more. All the population is Muslim and there is a main Jamia Mosque in the town center.People are very keen on the importance of education, therefore there are quite a few Government and private sector schools in the town. Students from surrounding villages in the union council also come to these schools. However, a significant number of students go to the nearby city Haripur.Health facilities are basic and there is a small Govt Hospital providing health facilities to the residents. There are also a few private practice health clinics in the town.Cricket is the most popular game in the area, as it is throughout Pakistan. However there are not many grounds available for youths to play any games. It is one of the key development requirements of the region.Businesses are mainly located in the main town center (Main bazar). Banks and Post Office are also in the town centre.People of this u/c belong to different tribes/families. Most of them belong to Gujjar and Tanoli tribes (the biggest communities of Hazara Division), or the Awan family (one of the major families of the Haripur district), and in other main families, Turks and rajas live there.

Serai Niamat Khan is very beautiful, lush green hilly area, having some very beautiful villages and valleys, with natural streams and some beautiful waterfalls. Unluckily the Government of Pakistan has not yet introduced this beautiful and attractive area for tourism.
Raja Muhammad Shamim Khan is one of the famous personalities of this area.

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