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Sarai Saleh
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is one of the 44 union councils, administrative subdivions, of Haripur District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan .Sarai Saleh is located about 5 kilometer away in the north east of Haripur City. It is 597 m high from mean sea level. The name Sarai Saleh (Place of Noble people) was kept after Saleh Hayat execution who was a freedom fighter fought against Ranjit Singh's army. Sarai Saleh is a beautiful green valley surrounded by hills. The area of Sarai Saleh is 2 to 3 square km. It has a famous Dor (River) located in northern part of main G.T road called Shahr-e-Resham (Silk Way). There is an old Railway Station founded in 1928 located in southern side of G.T road.

Prominent Personalities:
Muhammad Nawaz Khan Late (Ex- Speaker NWFP Assembly)
Khwaj Muhammad Khan (late) from village Gar is a well-known social personality.

Raza Muhammad Khan (ex-Naib Nazim) S/O Khwaj Muhammad Khan of Gaar, inaugrating the way to Gaar Village. (Courtesy: Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan, Head Master Govt. Primary School, Village Gaar)

Sarai Saleh
Changi Bandi

Prominent Tribes


Hindko is the predominant language spoken in Sarai Saleh, representing >98% of the total population. Other languages spoken are Pashto, and Pahaari but limited to few homes.[edit] Education
Sarai Saleh has high literacy rate of 75% combined male and female. It is remarkably famous for its teachers. It is also called the land of teachers. There are several government and private institutes located in Sarai Saleh.

Sarai Saleh is famous by its sports. Many mega events are organized every year. Especially Field Marshal Ayub Khan Hockey Tournament and Azadi Cup Cricket Tournament are very popular among people. Sports that are commonly played at Sarai Saleh includes:
Hockey, Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, Snooker, Ghatka, Bull Race, Gulli Danda, Marbles.

Dor River

A View of River Dor in the Union Council.
Dor river is located in southern part of Sarai Saleh. An amusement park has been established by third party owner for kids entertainment in Dor, between Sarai Saleh and Gar village. This small park consists of Ferris wheel, Fly boat, Swing etc. Large number of people come across the city at this place. They use to bath or sit along the banks of Dor river to enjoy wonderful evening in a beautiful environment.
This Dor River touches almost all the villages of the union council.

There are several types of vegetables are cultivated here like Cauliflower, Okra, Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Potato, Turnip, Scallions, Bottle Gourd, Coriander, Pumpkin, and Radish.These vegetables are mostly cultivated in villages Changi Bandi and Gaar, situated in the union council.


Large quantity of Lokhat (Yellow Berry) and Guava grow each year in this union council, other fruits that grow at Sarai Saleh includes Mango, Orange, and Banana.


Tomb of Haji Imam Pir in union council, town Sarai Saleh.

A canal taken out from Dor river in village AliKhan.

A grove of Loqat (YellowBerry)

A view of river Dor, passing through union council.

Another view of Dor River.

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