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Sarai Saleh
Sarai Saleh is located about 5 kilometer away in the north east of Haripur City.The name Sarai Saleh (Place of Noble people) was kept after Saleh Hayat execution who was a freedom fighter fought against Ranjit Singh's army. Sarai Saleh is a beautiful green valley surrounded by hills. The area of Sarai Saleh is 2 to 3 square km. It has a famous Dor (River) located in northern part of main G.T road called Shahr-e-Resham (Silk Way). Sarai Saleh is one of the very old towns of Haripur. There is an old Railway Station founded in 1928 located in southern side of G.T road.

Canal in Sarai Saleh(left). An old building (right).

Tootyaan wali Masjad (mosque with taps) on left and Mosque Mohalla Haji Imam Pir on right.

The view of inner streets of very old town Sarai Saleh, Once Hindus used to live in its buildings before the partition of Indo-Pak Sub-Continent. Street on right side is called "Chatti Gali" (The street with ceiling).

Specialities of Sarai Saleh

>>Beef Meat
Sarai Saleh is famous for its fresh, tasty and quality beef meat all over Hazara division. Many beef shops are located on main G.T road.
Sarai Saleh is very famous for sweets.

Khoya(left) is a special sweet made by pure milk and sugar. Sarai Saleh is very famous for this sweet.

>>Rasheed Pakoray and Turkey Pakoray.

Rasheed Pakoray is a 25 years old shop. They still have the taste and are famous for it. Whenever you come to Sarai Saleh don't forget to eat spicy and delicious pakoray. Once you eat you will love to eat them again.
>>Kachaloo(Arum) and Falooda
Boiled spicy Kachaloo(Arum) are also very famous from here. Falooda(an ice-cream), available in summer have lovely taste.

Sabir-Arum and Falooda Ice-cream seller, a twenty years old shop.
>>Beef Kabab
Delicious beef kabab by Zafar is also famous in Sarai Saleh. It is located on G.T. road in middle of the bazzar.
>>Seekh Kabab
Seekh kabab by Younis is also speciality of Sarai Saleh for its unique taste. It is located in front of Kashmir Bakers.

Schools and Colleges

Govt Polytechnic Institute: Students form all Pakistan come to acquire knowledge from this college.
Govt Girls Degree College, Govt Boys High School, Govt Girls High School, Govt Boys Primary School, Govt Girls Primary School, Al-Furqan Public Scool, Tahir Public School, Cambridge Public School, Suffah Public School, Sidra Academy, National Public School, Marry Gold Public School, Allama Iqbql Model School, Zeb Public School, Suffah Computer Centre


Gaar (also called Mohrra or Khalbatyaan) is a small, beautiful village, located on a mountain (Dhakki) in front of River Dor.
Picture showing the village gaar.

Beautiful Views Of River Dor.

Picture on the Left is the way to Gaar and right shows the inner view of village.
The picture shows the ready field of Arum (Arvi or Kachaloo)
Most of the agriculture in the union council is being done in this village. Population of the village mostly do agriculture. Many are government servants.Ustaaj G Badshah(late) is a Great Sufi Saint from this village.
Khawaj Muhammad Khan(late), well known personality of Haripur, belongs to this village. His son Raza Muhammad Khan (ex-Naib Nazim) is a known social personality.
Other son of Khawaj Muhammad Khan,
Dr. Gistasap Khan is a well known poet of Haripur. He is now serving as Chief Director Health is Johnnasberg, South Africa.
There are two primary schools in the village. For high school, students have to go outside village. Nearest high school is Sarai Saleh High School.

Qari Sahib teaches Quran in the mosque of the village everyday. Many childeren are doing Hifz(learn by heart).

The Highest montain in the village named "Manhanda"
gives the whole view of Haripur from its top. Wood is being used in the village as fuel. Electricity is the only available facility in the village. Hand Pumps are being used to get water from the bors. Huzra (community center) was the place to discuss issues, which has been ruined now.

Both the above pictures show the ruined Huzra (or Hujra).
For many years people had to walk through Dor to reach their village. But know a lift is being used to cross the river.

(Lift being used now)

People also keep livestock in huts called "kohrr". The point of River Dor infront of this village is especially used for recreational activities. In summer evenings whispers of lovers echo on bank of this river infront of village Gaar.

The well, once used for water by people of Gaar

Other than the centeral population of Gaar, there are also two small populationsp;

is the population on the upper side of gaar, on the opposite side of Haripur City.


is the population on the lower side of gaar, on the side of Haripur City.

Changi Bandi

Changi Bandi or Wandi is also a beautiful village, located on a mountain in front of River Dor. There is a bridge on the Dor, in front of village so, vehicles can access the village.

Most of the population lives on the plane land in front of the mountains. Others have made houses on the heights. Poeple enjoy a middle standard life. Agriculture is common in the village. Mostly people are Government servants and some are earning in foreign.


Naee Basti
Naee Basti (the new town) is a small population between Sarai Saleh and Ali Khan Union Counsil. This is a newly settled population, its just about twenty years old. People from different hilly areas of Haripur have migrated here.


View of river Dor from village Bandi
A View from village Bandi.

Beautiful view of Dor from Sarai Saleh,

View of Dor from village Gaar.

Crush Mashine in Sarai Saleh Soka.

Nomaids migrate to this area in winter.

Afshaan Zebi, a very famous TV and Radio, folk singer belongs to Sarai Saleh.She is living here and has 103 albums.
Govt. Hospital in Sarai Saleh.

The Main entrance in village Gaar
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