Union Councils of Haripur    
Union Councils Of Haripur
There are 44 union counsils in Haripur. Out of which 15 are Urban and the other 29 are Rural. Each union council consists of many villages. You can see four types of miracles of beauty gifted by ALMIGHTY ALLAH to Haripur. i.e. Beautiful Mountains covered with green plants, three beautiful dams filled with transparent water (Tarbela, Khanpur and Putri Dam).And the third, the beautiful rivers 'Siren' and 'Dor'. Geographically, these union counsils can be divide into three types; one with the hilly areas, second the lands and third are the union counsils connected with river Dor and Tarbela Lake. We have tried our best to provide information and photos about all union councils but thirst is still there. With your prayers and co-operation, we will continue to update data about union councils countinously with the passage of time.

Union Councils