This Union Council is one of the ancient civilizations, especially the Manikrai village. It was present before Christ. In the east of the Maikrai there is a chain of Himalaya Mountain Ranges and there are also old old ruins.
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Enjoy the photos from union council Mankrai.


Mankarai Mohrra Mamdooh Pharhalla Kehka Dobandi Bajeeda Jogi Mohra Baseera Makhanan Jamma In the west, there is a beautiful River Dor. This union council is nearly 2 Km away from Haripur City. And Tarbela Lake can be viewed from this union council..
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Mohra Mamdooh Village

In this album you can enjoy the images of Mohra Mamdooh village which lies in union council Mankrai

Prominent Persons

Raja Amanullah Khan(late) Ex-Speaker NWFP Assembly was from Mankrai . Haji Muzzafar Khan(late), Raja Nisar Khan(late), Syed Qamar Raza, Muhammad Yunas Gujjar, Ghulam Farid, Sheikh Safdar, Yousaf Chairman, Safdar(PPPP), Mati-Ur-Rehman Qasmi, Raja Muhammad Zubair Khan, Zamurd Iqbal Gujjar (Kisan Counciler), Sikandar Ada, Malik Latif(late) and Malik Khaliqdad Advocate are the prominent personalities of the Union Council. Mr. Arshad, from village Phurhala is a well known reporter of Daily Shamal Newspaper.. Sheikh Maqbool Hussain(late), Master Wafadar Khan(late), Master Abdul-Jabaar (late), Syed Munawar Hussain Shah(late), Master Sarfaraz Sahib(late) Master Munawar Din Khan Gakhar, Prof Nazar Din (Phurhala) retired principal of Degree colleges of Haripur Abbottabad and Manshera, Master Abdul Haq, Master Iqbal Awan, are the prominent educationist.

Prominent Casts

>>Sadat >>Turk >>Gujjar >>Awan >>Gakkar >>Mughal


Nazim: Mati-Ur-Rehman Qasmi Naib Nazim: Naji Shah Kisaan Couciler: Zamurad Iqbal Gujjar

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